Will Live Music and Concerts Return in 2021?

Will Live Music and Concerts Return in 2021?

Crank Up the Tunes and Keep Summer Dreams Alive!

As a new year introduced itself at the stroke of midnight, many of us were filled with hope. Suddenly, our minds came alive with fantasies of a brighter year that included possibilities of seeing friends and family, hugging our loved ones, and the return of in-person events. And as your mind fast-forwarded to summer 2021, you probably thought to yourself, ‘when will live music return?’ 

2020 brought the cancellation of all live, in-person gatherings, including concerts and sporting events. Disheartened, we continued to dream of a future full of live festivals and events. Luckily, there have been many exciting advancements, particularly in music, restoring our hope that, yes, live music and concerts will return to our lives.

But how is the world preparing for this homecoming? Check out how some of these recent developments just may restore our hope!

The Luxembourg Live Music Experiment

 In February 2021, The Because Music Matters series in Luxembourg is rolling out 5 new test concerts, including strict COVID measures, such as social distancing and mandatory masks. 

Organized by the Arena Resilience Alliance (ARA), this groundbreaking experiment will limit live concerts to 100 people, which will include COVID testing before live shows begin and again, 7 days later.

As results are collected, we are optimistic that this new strategy may unveil a new business model for the live music industry.

Outdoor Concerts with Smaller Capacities on the Horizon

While it could be sometime before indoor arenas are filled to their average size, major entertainment companies like Live Nation are considering a compilation of alternatives. Options for 2021 could include combining outdoor venues, drive-in shows, and scaling back venue capacities to half-size to help ramp up concert sales.

Meanwhile, we were thrilled to discover that world-leading epidemiologists estimate that as many as 70% of the population will develop herd immunity through the COVID vaccine as early as April 2021. Talk about spring fever; excuse us while we fan ourselves!

Big Ticket Alert: Vaccines Are Coming!

Meanwhile, Canucks are waiting with bated breath to get vaccinated. This is a huge step towards containing the virus, especially if you consider where we were, only a year ago. Progress sometimes needs a bit of patience, but this exciting news has us tickled pink.

Toronto is already preparing for concerts, starting with Stratford Ontario native Justin Bieber who has tentative concert dates booked for July 2021 and followed by many other fan faves like Lady Gaga in August 2021, My Chemical Romance, Maroon 5 and John Legend in September of 2021. Looking like a superstar lineup to us!

Sure; there will always be cynics coupled with their cautious opinions. But experts are remaining optimistic, and so should you. The combination of rapid testing and the availability of vaccines is instilling confidence, bringing a ray of sunshine to our upcoming summer.

Trust In the Process

We get it; being patient sucks. But the need for humans to connect has always been strong, and once restrictions are lifted, we will flood the return of live events in droves. Sure, live concerts and parties may look different at first; they may be smaller in capacity and more spacious, but there is no denying our desire to see one another face to face. Events unite and elevate us.

So… will live music and concerts return in 2021? Oh yes. There is no bigger thrill for concert-goers than seeing your favorite band or entertainer live on stage. So as you hibernate during this winter’s lockdown, we urge you to dream of hot summer nights, remembering the magic of attending your favorite festival. Mariah Carey once sang “We Belong Together,” and one day soon, we will be together, with the return of live music and spectacular in-person events.

Will Live Music and Concerts Return in 2021?

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