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Seeing your faces live is awesome, people. Virtual meetings have granted opportunities to stay connected in all the best ways, for sure. BUT, being witness to your old flannel PJs or funky boxer briefs (tho comical at times!) has NOT been cool. Somewhere in this new normal, we gave ourselves permission to get sloppy and the madness has to stop. We are professionals, are we not?!

Whether you are an event attendee or industry professional, choosing the right outfit for an important occasion has always been something to consider. And even with our ‘new normal’ of online events replacing onsite affairs, clothing decisions are still important. So put your damn pants on!

Attending a conference or virtual party from home has its perks. You can enjoy the comforts of home without needing to arrange transportation or a babysitter. But how you present yourself is still important and no, that doesn’t mean sporting a clean pair of pajamas.

It shouldn’t matter if no one can see your bottom half; putting effort into your outfit signals that you actually care about yourself. So do yourself a favor and indulge in some self-care, one leg at a time.  When you look good, you feel good!

If you are dressed professionally, “that raises your own opinion of yourself, and you want your behavior and demeanor to match the clothes.”

Online Work Meetings

‘Working from home’ still requires focus and productivity, and attending an online meeting with colleagues should be met with the same professionalism. While our style may have become more relaxed during periods of social isolation, virtual work meetings do not automatically translate into ‘casual Fridays.’

When dressing for a work function, the same rules still apply regardless of the meeting is online. Just as you wouldn’t wear overtly sexy outfits or tracksuits to a professional seminar, your coworkers and superiors don’t need to catch you in your comfy, cotton flannels.

It’s best to maintain a complete business casual look and that means all the way down to the vertical crease in your slacks. Yes, we said slacks.

First, it shows that you are putting effort into being fully present in your professional role. Second, your outfit choice will set the tone for your demeanor; it’s way less fun to recline in your easy chair while wearing that super cute Kate Spade blazer.

Consider the impression of your on-screen image and dress appropriately for professional gatherings. Besides, your faded Juicy Couture sweats would probably wither and die upon hearing words like ‘accountability’ and ‘synergy.’

Virtual Parties

One of the exciting aspects of attending a social gathering or private event is choosing an outfit that makes you feel festive and online parties are no exception-neither are pants.  And given the stressful nature of these uncertain times, there is no better motive than to glam up and express yourself through fashion.

Online dance parties and virtual cocktail gatherings have breathed new life into our interior domains, and this surge of escapism has also inspired new, daring, and sexy looks. When you can’t leave your home, there’s no need to ‘dress for the weather.’ so you make outfit choices based on what makes you feel great, rather than on practicality. 

“…Feeling cute and staying stylish during this time is a good tool to motivate and keep moving forward… Any glimmer is helpful in maintaining a positive outlook.”

No Pants, No Party.

Of course, more formal events like fundraising galas may demand a more polished look, while an online baby shower may only require a simpler style. A good host should note a preferred dress code, even if it’s just in fun.

It’s easy to fall into the abyss of tattered pajamas while the world is coping with the COVID pandemic. Dressing up and showing face is a great way to feel productive, professional, and even festive. 

Instead of getting lazy, plan your outfit as if you are going to dance or stand during your staff meeting. I mean, even your dog doesn’t want to see you pair a beaded cardigan with a comfy pair cotton briefs!

Lessons Learned?


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Blog Wear Pants Tabernak

Wear Pants, Tabarnakkk!

Seeing your faces live is awesome, people. Virtual meetings have granted opportunities to stay connected

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