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The year 2020 started with a bit of uncertainty. The coronavirus being relatively new didn’t seem so much of a threat and so, it wasn’t a factor that was included in projections or budgets. Things sadly took a different turn and the effect of the pandemic can be clearly seen in many industries especially in events and planning.

Imagine Canada, a trusted resource hub for the charitable sector in our country, notes “charities face billions in lost revenue, drastic service disruption to essential community services and massive layoffs… the sector is projected to lose $15.6 billion in revenue and about 194,000 employees.” (Read full report here). Major events and fundraisers have either been cancelled or postponed. It may feel like a defeat but does it really have to be?

For many non-profit organizations such as food banks, health care and other agencies that help cushion the effect of job loss, there is a growing need for more funds during this crisis. There is legitimate concern for non-profit organizations that are not exactly in the frontline but serve a purpose and still need to operate as an essential service in our communities.

There is no need to stop your fundraising efforts. Yes, it is not safe to gather in large numbers, host magnificent galas or public events due to the virus but there are other ways to promote fundraising, honour sponsorship commitments and engage with your donors safely online.

Engaging with people without physically coming together to celebrate can be challenging, especially knowing the direct impact in-person events have with generating excitement and awareness for your cause, and driving your fundraising goals.

We’ve had several heartbreaking conversations with clients behind so many impactful fundraisers and non-profit organizations in Canada over the last few months. Their stories are alarming and the struggle worsens each passing day. Reserves have been depleted while the rise in demand for their services has soared by 20% or more. The need for funds has become more urgent than ever.

We refused to give up and give in. First task was re-allocating budgeted funds for venue, décor and entertainment to going digital in every way possible. That included everything from zoom sessions for caregivers for support, email journey campaigns for donors, text-to-donate pleas, COVID19 support funds, sponsor features and contests on social media to cause awareness explainer videos and virtual hikes and runs.

Reimagining your fundraising events is critical. Remaining front-of-mind and in constant communication with potential donors shows you appreciate their commitment to your cause, event or no event. Finding new ways to show your gratitude to your sponsors and ensuring they receive the promotion and recognition you promised them will guarantee their support remains strong ongoing.

Use this time to take your fundraising efforts to the next level. Continue to raise awareness for your cause. Social media and digital marketing can be your best friend in reminding people of the great work you do and how their support makes a difference. The truth is this: with a staggering economy and an uncertain future, donors (and sponsorship!) will be hard to come by.

Adapt to change now. Reap the rewards to come. 

A professional event planner can provide guidance and solutions that work best with your circumstances.  At Pink Media, we remain atop of the situation and help organizations move forward with their plans despite the pandemic. Don’t struggle alone. Sign up for a FREE 30-Minute Consultation and let us help you reimagine your fundraising events.

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