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Are you looking for something unique and unconventional? Do you have a fundraising idea but are unsure how to pull it all together? Perhaps you need some inspiration and creative assistance. Whatever your requirements, our specialized charity event planners will work with you from beginning to end to create a custom designed event for you and your guests. Whether coordinating a small or large-scale event, we got you covered.

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Choosing PINK MEDIA as your Fundraising Event Planing Toronto expert means you can trust in a team truly invested in coordinating fundraising efforts. Yes, nonprofit events are a lot of work, but none is more gratifying than raising funds for a good cause. We love working with clients to design and build an event concept and then set forth to deliver an experience that WOWS and delights guests, whether they be your sponsors or donors! We ensure every element of your event is planned and executed to the finest detail, so you can meet your charity event objectives with ease. We know that the best events are smooth sailing with no surprises, so relax, socialize and enjoy all the benefits that professional events can bring.

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Fundraising Checklist - Best Tips for a Charity Event

Set a Goal and Make a Budget. Set a goal that is realistic, measurable, and specific. How much money would you like to raise at this event? The answer to this question will be important to the overall design of your fundraiser.

Recruit Corporate Sponsors to Help Fund Your Event. Corporations often allocate funds in their fiscal budget for charitable donations. Who can you approach to sponsor your cause and how are you able to promote their generosity at the event?

Choose the Right Type of Event. First, consider your audience. What types of events will appeal most to your target donors? If your donors are health-conscious, they may respond well to exercise- or action-oriented events like walkathons or golf tournaments. If many of your supporters have families, then you might consider a family-friendly event like a carnival or talent show.

Recruit Volunteers. Raising funds is hard work. The last thing you want is your precious donations spent frivolously. Volunteers are a great way to boost community morale AND save on staffing.

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Decide on How You Will Collect Donations and Contact Information. How do you plan to capture the contact information of new donors or supporters? Consider a trusted CRM software and build a user-friendly landing page that can support both incoming donations, payment processing and contact information collection.

Promote Your Event. If you want your event to be successful, you will need to promote it. One of the best ways to promote your event is to reach out to your current supporters and donors. They are already interested and invested in your organization and its cause. Implement a dynamic digital marketing campaign to improve your reach and amplify your event. Digital marketing tactics like social media and email campaigns are a great way to reach more potential supporters.

Be Thankful. Show your gratitude in your messaging, banners and speeches. Acknowledge contributions, sponsorship and donations. Do not forget your volunteers and their tireless efforts and ensure you present a clear picture of how each contribution has helped you realize your goals.

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