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Maid of Honor or Honorable Maid?

Your best friend is getting married, and the inevitable happens; she asks you to be her Maid Of Honor. With excitement, you graciously accept; you can’t wait to see your girl in a gorgeous gown, beaming with bliss as she begins a new chapter with the partner of her dreams. Not to mention, you love a fun reception, and this is going to be a Pink Media Premium Wedding!

For Maids of Honor and bridesmaids, this is probably the initial mindset. You look forward to helping your bride-to-be pick out the perfect dress, planning the bridal shower, booking accommodations, rallying the bridal party troupes, and covering specific expenses.

This is your big moment to shine as the ultimate BFF, and you’re ready to embrace your responsibilities. That is, until things start to go sideways, and your best friend becomes a bossy meanie.

What do you do when your bridal role becomes a burden? We recommend these 5 Tips & Considerations that are made to honor (and save!) your friendship.

Remember Why You Were Asked: Your bestie asked you to be her Maid Of Honor and damn right; it’s a privilege. Not only does the bride-to-be want you in attendance, she trusts you to be an integral part of the process, and you have the power to help create the wedding experience of her dreams. Now, that’s recognition!

It’s Not About You: You’ve been gifted with authority, and as a Maid Of Honor, you may get to pull rank within the bridal party but never forget that you represent the bride-to-be. Regardless of any personal feelings or opinions, you may have, you have committed to creating an unforgettable experience on her behalf. Now is not the time to have a diva moment.

Think Ahead To The Future: Sure, everyone has read horror stories where the bride-to-be turns her wedding party into ‘bitches in waiting.’ But abusive behavior notwithstanding, it’s essential to maintain your decorum when dealing with bridal stress. The way you behave throughout this experience will color the future of your friendship; don’t sweat the small stuff, and remember to hold your tongue for the sake of your bond.

Challenge Yourself: You were asked to fill this important role because the bride-to-be believes in you! She recognizes that you are organized, creative, and that you can handle yourself under pressure. So instead of second-guessing your abilities-especially when things get stressful-put more faith in yourself by knowing that you were chosen to be a Maid Of Honor for a reason.

Maintain a Positive Attitude: It’s not easy to keep a smile frozen on your face when dealing with unreliable suppliers, venue issues, unforeseen expenses, and yup, tacky dresses. But your outlook will determine the outcome, and as the Maid Of Honor, you are responsible for maintaining a smooth and festive experience for the bride. So grit your teeth and suck it up!

Being the head of a wedding party can be a challenge, but, honey, you were born to lead. And as someone who possesses integrity and loyalty, you would never disappoint the bride-to-be.

Complain in secret and vent in the privacy of your home but never let the bride see you sweat. Don’t forget, Wedding Planners are a fantastic source of wisdom in tough situations AND really good listeners. You can reach out anytime, #AdviceIsFree at Pink Media.

Don’t sweat it. You got this. May the corner piece of wedding cake and a glass of champagne be your reward!

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