5 Must-Have Elements for a Perfect Wedding in Toronto [2023]

Hey there, you lucky lovebirds of the 6ix! First up, a champagne toast to your newfound engagement!

Now, you’re probably already daydreaming about a wedding as magical as the Toronto skyline at sunset. But let’s face it: planning a wedding in this bustling city can be as jam-packed as a Blue Jays game during playoffs. But don’t worry, I’m here to turn that stress into a piece of (wedding) cake.

Must-Have #1: A Venue with Personality

Let’s kick it off with the venue because it’s so much more than a pretty backdrop. The right venue encapsulates your personalities. Think of it as the main character in your wedding day story. Does it have an art deco vibe or perhaps an industrial edge that you’re into?

Darlings, your venue should be as unique as you are. It’s the stage where you declare your love, so make sure it’s a showstopper! – Andriana

Must-Have #2: Photography That Tells Your Story

A skilled photographer does more than snap pictures; they tell your story frame by frame. Ever consider an unplugged ceremony? Your guests will actually live the moment rather than view it through their phones. Also, an engagement shoot before the wedding can help you become more comfortable in front of the camera.

Been there, photographed that. Trust me when I say, capturing your ‘you-ness’ makes all the difference.
– Andriana

Must-Have #3: A Feast to Remember

It’s not just about feeding people; it’s about wowing them. Create a menu that complements the tone of your wedding. Fusion cuisine for an eclectic crowd? Or locally-sourced foods for a more intimate feel? The choices are endless. Also, consider your guests’ dietary needs. An inclusive menu goes a long way in making everyone feel welcome.

Great food isn’t just a meal; it’s a conversation starter, a mood setter, and a memory maker. Make it count!
– Andriana

Must-Have #4: Entertainment That Grooves

Let’s make sure your guests are entertained every step of the way. Ditch the standard playlist and opt for live performances or even interactive experiences like a caricature artist or a magician.

Good entertainment is like your favorite playlist—it’s got highs, lows, and unexpected surprises. But it’s always on point. – Andriana

Must-Have #5: Décor That’s Unforgettable

Forget cookie-cutter. Custom décor adds a layer of sophistication and personal touch. Tailor everything to your style, whether it’s minimalist elegance or boho-chic. Think personalized signage, unique centerpieces, and striking lighting.

Go beyond Pinterest boards. Your décor should reflect your personality, not someone else’s dream wedding.
– Andriana

Alright, let’s recap so you can stop fretting and start celebrating. We’ve covered the venue that makes a statement, the photos that immortalize your love, the mouth-watering feast, entertainment that’s more than just background noise, and décor that screams ‘you.’

But hold on, why go through this daunting maze alone? I’ve been through every wedding snafu you can imagine—cakes toppling over, DJs bailing, you name it. When the unexpected happens—and trust me, it will—I’ve got your back.

Look, I don’t just plan weddings; I curate lifetime memories. You get the kind of peace of mind that comes with knowing someone seasoned and savvy has got it all under control. When you walk into your wedding, you’ll feel like you’re stepping into a dream—your dream—and it will be flawless. That’s my guarantee.

So why play Russian roulette with the most important day of your life? Let’s sit down, chat about your dream day, and make sure it’s everything you’ve ever wanted and more. And let’s not dilly-dally; great dates get snatched up fast.

Click here for a Free Wedding Consultation and let’s Save That Date!

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