4 Ways To Boost Virtuals

4 Ways to Boost Virtuals

When it comes to Event Production, a good theme can have a significant impact. Exciting concepts pique the interest of attendees and sponsors and set the tone of your occasion. But as the industry moves from onsite to online, how do traditional themes fare in the virtual world?  

When you consider popular ideas, such as a masquerade ball or a blacklight party, it’s easy to see how adjustments may be needed to accommodate a two-dimensional platform. Also, features such as food, entertainment, and decorations that would typically help elevate your theme may need to be altered or removed altogether.

Let’s explore party motifs that are engaging and easily translated to a virtual platform.

  1. Icebreakers! Just because your attendees are hanging out at home alone doesn’t mean that they don’t want to engage with other guests. People attend events so that they can be social, and the virtual sphere is no different. As an online event host, you can utilize video conferencing software and attendee cameras to create games, similar to something reminiscent of ‘Hollywood Squares.’ There is no shortage of icebreakers that you can make to keep everyone feeling social and included.
  • Competitions! Who doesn’t love a fun costume contest or dance-off challenge? With programs like Zoom, guests can be ‘spotlighted’ to become a central feature for a small duration of time.This feature allows guests to show off their outfits or their hottest moves on camera for all attendees. Contests can be created based on your theme, and anyone who attends can join in the fun. As an event host, be sure to include a prize to increase participation. We also suggest working with prize sponsors to increase promotion and decrease expenses.
  • Fundraisers! Events that give back to communities deeply resonate with people. Especially during these challenging times, it’s important to express gratitude for what you have and share what you can with organizations in need.  Depending on your demographic, the right charity can pique profound interest in your guests. Not only is it fun to attend a festive event, but it also feels good to know that such an affair will have a resounding impact beyond the scope of your screen. That said, be sure that you are approaching a fundraiser with sincerity. If you are unclear regarding the cause’s details, be sure to do your research; an inauthentic approach is easy to spot and will cause your event more harm than good.
  • Learning Fun! In a more positive spin, social distancing and COVID quarantining have provided many of us with an opportunity to learn new skills or enroll in training programs. Providing education and workshops in the form of a festive, online gathering is a great way to engage your guests socially and mentally. Sure, corporate learning is useful in a professional sphere, but it’s also fun to bring folks together for an evening of cooking classes, dance lessons, or trivia games. Not to mention that keeping your mind sharp is helping in warding off depression, anxiety, and loneliness. 

The industry has faced some tough challenges, but planners can still create exciting experiences with ingenuity and creativity. And with online parties becoming our ‘new normal,’ focusing on engaging content will ensure success for the future of Event Planners & Producers. 

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