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You have for many years been compiling a list of the many things you will want your wedding to be. The best location, awesome decoration, dreamy wedding dress, the very best in food and entertainment for your guests. Everything that can scream all the love and joy you feel in your heart. However, you are just one person and there is a limit to how much one person can handle, when coupled with every day job and life obligations. Your life is vibrant and busy, and you need help.

Wedding planners can take on 100% of the stress when planning a wedding. We practically (and gladly!) bear your burden. All you should worry about is showing up looking pretty and enjoying your big day to the fullest. It is adorable when you just want everything to be perfect and you deserve it. There is no reason for you to breakdown while or after planning your wedding.

Many people are quick to assume a wedding planner is for the wealthy, those lucky enough to spend as much on their floral décor as another’s full wedding budget. This is a critical misconception. Wedding planners are accessible, affordable and the best investment you could ever make. When you dig a little deeper, you realize even a small intimate gathering can benefit greatly from expert advice and assistance, especially emotionally charged weddings.

At their core, planners act as both dream realizers and budget controllers. Think of wedding planners as being the guardian of your special day. There are just too many pieces to bring together and for an event as important as the joining of two beautiful souls, there is no one better equipped to make your dream come true.

In simple terms, they save you time, energy, money, reduce emotional stress and overall, safeguard your entire wedding experience

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Wedding Planners Are Essential

Simply put, a wedding planner steps in to co-ordinate things and bring them together to ensure your wedding is a success. Granted, it is not as easy as waving a magic wand and watching all your worries turn to dust, but wedding planners are there to make it feel that simple.

Not sure if hiring a wedding planner is a good idea? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Rich in Experience.
    Wedding planners only get better with every wedding. They are notorious for putting their experience to good use and learning from past mistakes. This knowledge means improvement. Think of it as them having a checklist with things they label as ‘should never happen again’. They surely have more to offer than someone who seldom organizes events. Their Insider Knowledge is something you can’t afford to ignore. They communicate regularly with industry professionals and are up-to-date with the latest in trends. Years of practice grants you better access to florists, musicians, AV and lighting companies, top-rated venues, stylists, photographers and so much more. They have years of preferred vendor relationships, rates and discounts, to share with you. They are master deal negotiators, dedicated to you.
  • Dream Protectors.
    Wedding planners fight for your vision. They are clued into everything-wedding, what to do, what can happen, what should happen, they know what comes with an emotionally charged wedding. Wedding planners are the best at protecting your dreams and keeping to your vision. They know what you want and will do everything in their power to preserve your fairytale, whether they are negotiating best prices with vendors or keeping family and friends from interfering. Having planned countless weddings, they are armed with effective communication skills for even the most sensitive of situations.  
  • Paperwork Admins.
    Wedding Planners keep things on track, book appointments, conduct site visits, communicate with vendors and take on all the pesky paperwork, and there’s lots of paperwork with wedding logistics, schedules, and contract fine prints. It is time-consuming and keeping track can actually be a hassle. In your best interest, an event planner will be in a better position to keep track of all of this and ensure everything is on time and on point. They are excellent time managers and schedulers.
  • Keen Attention to Detail.
    Most wedding planners are perfectionists and frankly speaking, that is precisely what you need for your wedding. Someone who passionately wants everything to sit right. Their keen attention to detail guarantees a flawless wedding and makes it easier for them to point out errors and quickly demand amendments. Whether you accept them as excellent detail managers or slightly OCD-ish, their eye is trained to scan a room and jump on any imperfection, before you see it. 
  • People Pleasers & Creative Souls.
    Wedding planners are super creative individuals who are constantly chasing the wow-factor with each new event. Always thinking of what’s new, what’s hot, how they can help you elevate the guest experience. Their reputation depends on it, but so does their creative spirit.  They’re always looking to make the world more beautiful, more inspirational, more fun, starting with your wedding. They can expose you to new ideas and share countless brilliant tips about everything to do with weddings. 
  • Best at Managing Funds.
    A good wedding planner can work miracles with any budget restraints. They can help you allocate funds to what’s most important to you, point out unforeseen expenses, hidden costs and keep you on track along the way. Their experience comes with useful industry connections for your benefit. An event planner can creatively guide you to make choices that get you highest value for your spend. 
  • Customized Support For Your Wedding.
    We will Your wedding planner can begin this journey with you from the early planning days, all the way down to the big day with customized plans to suit your needs. Are you done planning and just need someone to ensure it all goes smoothly on your special day? Maybe you prefer they take it all on from start to finish. You can choose a Full Wedding Service package, Partial Wedding Service Package or just a Day-of-Event Wedding Service Package. With a wedding planner by your side, you can be stress free and enjoy the moment instead of worrying about deliveries, setups or screw-ups as they arise.
  • They Save Relationships.
    If there is anyone, you can count on to keep the peace and harmony, your planner is the first on that list. They have seen it all; they have dealt with it all. They know the importance of emotional intelligence and are experts in dealing with the human psychology side of events. They offer advice on tricky situations, even with the most imposing loved ones, disagreeing mother-in-laws, how much should bridesmaids pay for dresses, venue expectations falling short, guest list cutoffs or even first dance selections and so much more.
  • They Handle Putting Out Fires.
    It’s a gift, really. It is your special day, you should not have to get your hands dirty and mess up that pretty manicure! Nor should your guests be subjected to anything but a flawless guest experience, their focus on you two lovebirds.  When there is a threat to the peace and full enjoyment of your wedding, your planner is on the frontline fighting to save your day.

We are being modest when we think of wedding planners as being the line the party hangs on. They can truly make all the difference in the world. If you want the best from your once-in-a-lifetime wedding, let us help you make some plans. 

Whatever your choice, be it a full wedding planning package or our partial wedding planning package, we can help make your dream come true without breaking the budget.

Grant Pink Media planning wishes today. We promise, it will be the best investment you have ever made. Our reputation depends on it.

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“Our day was flawless and beautifully executed. We enjoyed every second of it, all thanks to our awesome planner Maëva, who ran around taking care of every detail, including a coffee run in the middle of our photoshoot! Thank you Pink Media for the a Top Wedding Planner Toronto experience ever.”

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