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Plan to relax and have a great time at your own party. We got you. PINK MEDIA is a Toronto Private Event Planning team of professional party planners at your service. Throughout the year, we plan a variety of special events and social gatherings. Our personal touch and positive attitude will ensure that your private event is executed flawlessly. You only need to focus on creating cherished moments and everlasting memories. Your private event will be carefully crafted as if it is our own. 

Our initial complimentary consultation with a party planner allows us to understand your needs and begin to develop a trustworthy relationship for producing a successful event.

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#1 Private Event Party Planner in Toronto

We’ve been the premier party planner in Toronto, orchestrating and innovating unique celebration ideas for over 20 years, and we’re just getting started! Party planning with Pink Media is all about personalization and creative flair, making every detail count for unforgettable private events.

Dinner Parties.
Whether in your home or a handpicked venue, our party planners bring elegance and interactive fun to every gathering. Let us transform your space into a memorable night of dining and entertainment.

Birthday Parties.
From whimsical to sporty themes, we’re experts in bringing joy to any age. Big or small, our party planning ideas are sure to dazzle! Themed Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and vibrant Quinceaneras are our specialties, celebrating tradition and milestones in style.

Celebrate your ‘yes’ with elegance and excitement. We’re here to help you share this joyous occasion, or even to craft the perfect proposal. Let’s make your engagement unforgettable!

Mark your milestones with us! From intimate to grand, we plan anniversaries that resonate with love and celebration.

Honor your little one’s Baptism with an event filled with love and attention to detail. We handle everything from venue to favors, ensuring a blessed and joyful day.

Holiday Parties.
Let the holiday stress melt away as we take care of catering, decor, and all the festive details. Enjoy the season while we create an extraordinary holiday event for you.

Social Events.
Whether it’s a graduation bash or a family reunion, our team excels at creating social gatherings that leave lasting memories. Let us bring your social event dreams to life!

Celebrate this major milestone with a bang! Our party planners make graduation parties that honor achievements and kick off new beginnings in style.

Family Reunions
Reconnect and create new memories with our expertly planned family reunions. We focus on the details so you can focus on family.

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“The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they make the best of every moment life throws their way.”

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