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FACT. If you’re not constantly cultivating nurturing and targeting new sponsorship opportunities, you are already falling your cause.

FACT. If you’re not securing food & beverage, entertainment or auction sponsors, you are not protecting your fundraising efforts.

FACT. If you don’t have a recurring sponsorship plan, with a solid marketing promotion and brand exposure strategy you are always chasing competition’s scraps. Their sponsorship is free promotion. Make them believe it and support will come to you.

Charity Events require lots of planning and loads of funds too. For non-profit organizations, securing sponsorship funds can be a hassle. Discover new sponsors for your non-profit cause and protect donations.

We offer the best in sponsorship and support for your non-profit organization. Our offers include:

● Target Best Sponsor Match. We help you find sponsors in fields related to your cause. We provide you quick access to companies and sponsors who will be more interested in your organization and whose core values align with yours.
● New Sponsor Opportunities. Our connections can open a steady stream of willing private and corporate partners who can be committed to the success of your cause.
● Effective Cause Awareness. Get expert guidance on how to reach the heart of potential sponsors and what it takes to gain their long-term support.
● Sponsorship Maintenance. Retention is the key! Stay current, remain relevant and front of mind. Trust our team to engage and maintain meaningful and rewarding relationships with new and existing sponsors.

Many non-profit organizations in Toronto choose us because we possess:

● Strong Networking Base. Our strength lies in a diverse network of enthusiastic sponsors ready to support multiple causes, in exchange for promotion and brand awareness. Not to mention, tax breaks.
● The Price is Right. Our sponsorship packages start as low as $695 per month, making us a budget-friendly alternative to any in-house position or resources you’re paying, difference being, we’re dedicated to your cause fundraising & sponsorship goals.
● Over 20 Years Experience Working With Sponsors and Non-Profit Organizations. We know what drives sponsorship decisions behind closed doors and we’ve learned how to get much-needed funds into your organizations’ hands first, no matter how competitive the charity landscape may be.
● Unmatched Social Media Presence. With over 200K active and engaged followers in multi-platform accounts, we rule the digital space. Reach more people than ever before and become THE CAUSE everyone wants to sponsor!
● Dedicated Marketing Team. Our army of marketers are notorious for making things happen. We are skilled in the art of charitable matchmaking and cannot wait to show you. Your hired marketer is redundant. Imagine paying as low as $695 per month for sponsorship management AND a build-in marketing team!

Unbelievably, there are corporate and private sponsorship opportunities out there waiting for their perfect match and all the free promotion you can offer in return. You just need a little help with introductions! In the absence of fundraising events, think outside the box and go after what is yours. Your Cause Depends On It.

Let’s get started making a difference today!

Our Plans

We Find The Right Sponsors For You


$ 695
  • 15 Hours
  • 1 X Cause/Event
  • Regional Sponsors
  • No Maintenance Current Sponsors
  • No Newsletter
  • No Social Media Presence
  • No Branded Landing Page
  • 12-Month Contract


$ 995
  • 25 Dedicated Hours
  • 2 X Causes/Events
  • Provincial Sponsors
  • Maintain Current Sponsors
  • Newsletter Included (Std)
  • Social Media Post
  • No Branded Landing Page
  • 12-Month Contract


$ 1495
  • 35 Dedicated Hours
  • Multi Causes/Events
  • National Sponsors
  • Maximize Current Sponsors
  • Branded Newsletter Included
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Landing Page Included
  • 12-Month Contract


5 Reasons Why Pink Media Outshines the Rest in Sponsor Management.

Sponsor Toronto - Sponsorship Toronto

We Open Minds.
We Open Doors.
We Open Hearts.

Over our 20 years in the business of events, we learnt embracing Nonprofit Charities and helping them secure much-needed sponsorship for all their fundraising needs, is a true labor of love. You cannot do this alone and you should not have to.

At its core, Pink Media is a results-driven marketing machine. We understand the strength of skillful negotiation and the mastery of persuasion. We are not shy! We will knock on doors; we will make those dreaded cold calls. We will deliver your message to the world loud and clear.

We take sponsorship personally. Ever walk up to a stranger and ask for help? It takes a dedicated account manager to keep existing sponsors happy AND go in search of new potential giving partners. We are 100% invested in this relationship, because our success depends on your success.

We mingle, we chat, and we match you up. We have built the largest network of giving sponsors in Toronto, because we believe generosity and compassion is what makes us wholeheartedly human. And some humans are more fortunate than others.

Start a Sponsorship Plan with Pink Media for as little as $695 per month. A fully dedicated team for your worthy cause, at a fraction of the cost of a full time in-house sponsorship manager. Plus, you get built-in marketing power you can count on!

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