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Ivory-colored tablecloths, shiny silverware with a hint of dazzling sparkle, golden-ribboned chairs, and banquet décor you could only imagine seeing at your rich friend’s wedding… It was a going to be a huge charity event. One of our very first non-profit fundraising galas! As established corporate event planners, it was a big step in diversifying our portfolio and expanding our expertise to non-profit organizations. We were excited to help produce a fantastic cause awareness video with a $5000 budget! We couldn’t wait to show all of our 400 guests the dedication we put into this production. There would be high-profile attendees, corporate sponsorship executives, and the fundraising generosity in the room depended on this critical video reveal. We were nervous. Being out of town, we couldn’t hire our usual audio-visual experts. Nonprofit charity organizations prefer local partnerships with vendors as a kind extension of community support. We knew it would be the most critical piece of the night so we prepared it in every format imaginable…MP4, MOV, AVI, you name it, we made it and kept backups. We tested audio-visual and lighting services with our technician repeatedly. Synched and resynched the presentation script until sound and screen testing was flawless

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Event Planning Toronto Blog


It is your big day! You’ve probably nursed the idea of a perfect wedding from childhood, and to no small extent, some details and luxury from your childhood idea of a perfect wedding may be way out of your financial ability. Even if you will have to do without big castles and the entire town at your wedding, funding an average wedding is worth thinking about. An average wedding in Canada costs somewhere between $30k to $35k, excluding the honeymoon. Studies show that more than 79% of Canadian newlyweds include the cost of a decent honeymoon into their wedding budget, so together, we can be looking at expenses close to $40k. The responsibility of financing a wedding falls on you. While others may offer assistance, the better part of the bill has to be paid by the couple. The options available to most couples looking to finance their wedding is either with money saved up or through a loan. Saving up for your wedding is excellent, but most times isn’t practical given that the decision to get married at times comes within a short time, at least not long enough to save up $40k. Little wonder why many are turning

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Event Planning Toronto Blog


The year 2020 started with a bit of uncertainty. The coronavirus being relatively new didn’t seem so much of a threat and so, it wasn’t a factor that was included in projections or budgets. Things sadly took a different turn and the effect of the pandemic can be clearly seen in many industries especially in events and planning. Imagine Canada, a trusted resource hub for the charitable sector in our country, notes “charities face billions in lost revenue, drastic service disruption to essential community services and massive layoffs… the sector is projected to lose $15.6 billion in revenue and about 194,000 employees.” (Read full report here). Major events and fundraisers have either been cancelled or postponed. It may feel like a defeat but does it really have to be? For many non-profit organizations such as food banks, health care and other agencies that help cushion the effect of job loss, there is a growing need for more funds during this crisis. There is legitimate concern for non-profit organizations that are not exactly in the frontline but serve a purpose and still need to operate as an essential service in our communities. There is no need to stop your fundraising efforts.

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Event Planner Toronto | Event Planning Toronto


There will come a day when I will have friends over, we will have fruity drinks, scrumptilicious takeout, bust out games, jump in the pool- and a fancy-ass cake for my birthday! I will own that, and I will eat the cake and maybe eat yours too. I will squishy-hug my friends, squeal in glee like a child and there will be no such thing as social distancing. Life will return to a new normal and all this will be distant memory. That day is not far away. The big reopen countdown has begun. Right now, we have a pandemic ruling our lives. More like, it has taken over our lives, and there is nothing we can do about it. All of us who had events: birthdays, graduations, weddings, fundraisers, conferences, or gatherings of any sort this year, we are super bummed-out. Our anxiety is pushing boundaries and we seem to be hanging on by our last nerve. It is all coming back, don’t you stress. The world will turn around and punch this pandemic in the face. Until then, we do not have to put our lives on hold, let alone events. We have options my friends and we’re

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Event Planning Toronto Blog


The forecast called for freezing rain. It was a cold January that year. One of the coldest I can remember. I stood in the massive entrance of the Governor’s Room at Liberty Grand shivering, not sure at the time if it was the cold draft blowing inside from guests arriving one after the other or just nerves that overwhelmed me. As I look back now, I recognize it was the moment itself. I did it. The smiles, the buzz of happy banter,  the awe on faces and more importantly, the gasps on their lips when the pretty red-head unfurled and dropped over the dance floor in shocking delight and surprise. WOW factor achieved. I has happy. Rewind to September. The client, a world-class publisher, whom I had the pleasure of working with on various events in past, was celebrating 60 years in the industry and wanted to mark this occasion in gratitude for its employees. This was no author dinner or book launch. This event was more important. It was to celebrate its people and their hard work and commitment to excellence over their 60 years. Just a fancy dinner, some music to dance, awards ceremony… they said. We don’t

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Event Planning Blog Toronto
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